Zeyu Ren

Zeyu Ren

Mechatronics Engineer in Robotics

Rokae Robotics


Zeyu Ren is currently a Mechatronics Engineer in the R&D Center at Rokae Robotics, Beijing. His research interests include under-actuated hands, tendon-driven mechanism, series elastic actuators and mechatronics design. In 2019, he received his Ph.D degree in Robotics from Italian Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Nikos G. Tsagarakis. His bachelor degree was obtained in Mechatronics Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2015.


  • Under Actuated Hands
  • Tendon Driven Mechanism
  • Series Elastic Actuators
  • Mechatronics Design


  • PhD in Robotics, 2019

    Italian Insitute of Technology (IIT), Italy

  • MEng in Mechatronics Engineering, 2015

    Zhejiang University (ZJU), China

Work Experience


Mechatronics Engineer

Rokae Robotics

Apr 2020 – Present Beijing
Leading products development in industrial and collaborative robots field.

Post Doc Researcher

Italian Institute of Technology

Mar 2019 – Mar 2020 Genova
Developed HERI-II-H under-actuated hands for HyQ-Real robot in INAIL project.


30 under 30

The winner of 30 under 30 of Z-Park in 2020
See certificate

Ralf-Dahrendorf Prize

Involved in the development project of CENTAURO robot
See certificate

2014 RoboCup SmallSizeLeague Championship

Participated as a member in Team ZJUNLICT, Zhejiang University
See certificate


Rokae GIA

Developed General Integrated Actuator (GIA) for Cobots


Developed HERI-II-H under-actuated hand for HyQ-Real robot.


Developed HERI-II-P under-actuated hands for PHOLUS robot.


Developed HERI-II-C under-actuated hand for CENTAURO robot.


Developed a 3-DoF Leg (eLeg) for verfifying energy efficiency and explosive motion.


Developed HERI under-actuatued hand for verifying quasi dexteous and powerful grasping.


Developed small size soccer robots, participated RoboCup as a member in Team ZJUNlict.


30 under 30 of Z-Park in 2020, Beijing, China

IIT Fareware, Genova, Italy

CENTARUO Evaluation Camp, Karlsruhe, Germany

Humanoids 2018, Beijing, China

IIT Guys at IROS, Madrid, Spain


  • +86 139 1280 4417
  • ROKAE Robotics, HaiQing Building, Tower A, 7th Floor, Beijing 100097